Our Voice Services

International Roaming

With over 300 roaming partners in over 100 countries we are intent on living up to our promise of ensuring that we are “always with you.” Roaming with TNM couldn’t have been more convenient. Now you can take your mobile phone, laptop and data card with you whenever you travel to any of the networks with whom TNM has a roaming agreement. Likewise, visitors to Malawi need not worry about staying connected with their contacts back home. TNM has the capacity to play host to a number of visiting networks. (Click here to see a list of TNM’s list of roaming partners)


A first for TNM you are now able to top up your mobile phone while in a host nation! You no longer have to worry about having to solely rely on your friends back home to top you up through direct recharge or me2u. Now you can recharge your phone all by yourself!


What to remember before you go roaming

  • Make sure that you have contacted your service provider and activated roaming well in advance, at least 2 days prior to departure
  • For TNM Customers, Roaming is available on both Postpaid and Prepaid Rate Plans. For postpaid customers, the service is available after a deposit of MK100, 000. However, this deposit may not be required if postpaid customers belong to a corporate account. Secondly pricing plan and payment history determines whether the service will be activated or not.
  • If you want to use the internet while roaming make sure that the country you are visiting has a TNM Roaming partner with data services. Click here to see a list of our GPRS Roaming Partners. TNM charges for data roaming in increments of 10KB.
  • Make 100% sure what the rates in your destination country would be for making calls, sending SMS and using data (internet).
  • International Roaming is available for all postpaid customers on request.
  • Postpaid customers are encouraged to consult their branches / service centers or Account Manager to process Roaming Service Activation.
  • To have this service, a customer MUST have access to dial international numbers (International Direct Dialing (IDD)
  • We are opening the up the world to you and we are bringing the world closer to our shores!!


If you are able to top-up your phone with recharge vouchers then your phone is a Prepaid Number All customers on Prepaid are eligible to use their numbers on all networks that TNM has Prepaid Roaming Agreement. Check the list of all Prepaid Roaming Partners below this page


Prepaid customers can activate roaming on their numbers by sending an sms written “roam” to “33888”. Please ensure that you have sent this SMS before leaving Malawi. You will get an ensure confirm the success status of your activation. To de-activate, send an sms written “noroam” to “33888”. You will get an ensure confirm the success status of your de-activation If this fails please contact customer care on 105 The service is only available on specific networks and in specific countries.

It is advisable that customers have enough credit on their numbers to enjoy the service on these networks”

SMS Roaming Tips

  • SMS is the most cost effective way to stay in touch with loved ones
  • It is available to all TNM Postpaid and Prepaid Customers
  • To have successful sending of SMSs, make sure that your Message Center Number is in International Format (+265888820767) and not local format (0888820767)
  • Only respond to messages that you wish to respond. Not all messages received must be replied. ROAMING PARTNERS

Click here to view our Roaming Partners

Click here to view our tariffs and destinations

International Direct Dialing

ZONE 1 (South Africa)
MTN & Vodacom
Cell C
MK 3.00 / Sec MK 180.00 / Min
MK 3.75 / Sec MK 225.00 / Min
ZONE 2 MK 3.33 / Sec MK 200.00 / Min
ZONE 3 MK 4.17 / Sec MK 250.00 / Min
ZONE 4 MK 6.00 / Sec MK 360.00 / Min
ZONE 5 MK 7.50 / Sec MK 450.00 / Min
ZONE 6 MK 10.00 / Sec MK 600.00 / Min
ZONE 7 MK 1.67 / Sec MK 100.00 / Min
ZONE 8 MK 5.83 / Sec MK 350.00 / Min
SATELITES MK 12.00 / Sec MK 720.00 / Min
SMS International MK 44.00

Caller Tunez

Download at MK15/tune

Monthly Subscirption is MK35/month

To get Caller tune Dial *888# and follow onscreen menu

To set your Caller Tune, Go to My RBT Select 1 for Normal RBT. Choose your tune and confirm

Call Conferences

The Call Conference facility allows you to talk to up to five people simultaneously. These may all be incoming calls, outgoing calls or any combination thereof. This service is ideal for the business community whose on costs associated with meetings and also for those who would like to catch up with friends.

Currently only postpaid subscribers can initiate a Call Conference. This facility is handset dependent and available to customers with Call Wait and Call Hold Facilities. Prepaid customers can be included in a conference, as can subscribers of any other network whether local or international.

No registration and monthly fee is required.

For more information, call our Information Centre or visit any of our Shops.

TNM Mobile Directory Service is the service that provides information about individuals, businesses and Organizations to the general public where customers shall access the service by calling in the call center at a standard applicable rate charge.

How to access the service

  • TNM Customers – Customers using TNM numbers to access the service by calling the 333
  • Customers from other networks - Customers using other local networks to access the service by calling 0888800333
  • International customers – Customers using international calling numbers to access the service by calling +265888800333

Family & Friends

Save on your frequently called numbers with our Family & Friends package. You can register up to five of your most frequently called tnm numbers.

Any tnm customer may enjoy this service. Upon registration you will enjoy the following:

  • Prepaid - a 30% discount on the registered numbers
  • Postpaid - a 50% discount on the registered numbers

How to register:


  • Dial 133 and listen to the voice instructions
  • Select 2 for Family & Friends
  • Type the number that you want to include, followed by the # key
  • Select 1 to confirm, or select 2 to change
  • Type in your other numbers, followed by 1 to confirm, or 2 to change successively

How to modify your Family & Friends list:

  • Dial 133 and listen to the voice instructions
  • Select 2 for Family & Friends
  • Listen for the announcement then press 1 to change or 2 to go to next one
  • After pressing 1 you will be asked to enter the new number, followed by the # key

You will be charged 60 Kwacha for the change.


To add a number

  • Under messages type CMS*friend’s phone number#FF
  • Send this sms to 777

To remove a number

  • Under messages type CMS*friend’s phone number#FFT (Please Note: Add ' T ' at the end)
  • Send this sms to 777