Customer Support

How do I contact the TNM information Centre?

To contact us free of charge from a TNM number, dial 900 from Postpaid (contract) and 105 from Prepaid. The Information Centre opens form 7 am to 12 midnight local time, 7 days a week. You can also call 0888 800 900 from other networks (Normal rates will apply). If you are dialing from a country other than Malawi you can contact us on +265 88 880 0900. Normal rates also apply. You can also coontact us on Facebook & via Twitter. TNM investors can contact us through our Twitter page.

I have just activated my SIM card, what is the default PIN number?

The default PIN number is 1234. Consult your phone manual to change to your preferred PIN number.

How to activate my new number?

So you've just bought a new starter pack but you're failing to make calls and load airtime? All you need to do is dial 100 and listen to the voice prompt, you will be notified of your new number and the balance of your account. Now you're good to go

What can I do if a phone is requesting for a PUK code?

This means that your SIM card is blocked, to get your PUK code call our Information Centre

What to do when my SIM is card registers the following faults (SIM Error/Insert SIM/SIM registration failed)?

If you keep receiving theses following reports (SIM Error/Insert SIM/SIM rejected) it means you're SIM card has a fault and must be replaced

I want to retain my old number what can I do?

If your SIM card is lost or damaged, you can replace it by simply visiting any one of our Shops. You will be requested to purchase a blank SIM card at a cost of MK200. When visiting our shops ensure that you have a valid ID (Driver's License/Voters ID). This is applicable for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers. Alternatively you can just purchase a blank SIM card from an airtime vendor/dealer and call our SIM Replacement service desk on 7777 (toll free) for assistance.

Why can't I view the number of an incoming call?

The feature that allows you to see an incoming call number is called CLIP (Caller Line Identification Presentation). If you do not see an incoming call, please contact our customer service on 105 or 900. Please note that if a cellphone user has a restriction on his or her cellphone line, you will not be able to see the number even if you have CLIP. The restriction would have to be removed in order to view the number or to show the number to another mobile phone

How can I hide my number? Is there any charge?

Call Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) allows you to hide your number from the person you are calling. This feature is available on both Prepaid and Postpaid. If you have a prepaid number it will cost you K700 to have CLIR settings activated onto your line. There are no registration fees for postpaid numbers however postpaid customers are required to pay a monthly fixed fee of K200.

How long is my Prepaid number valid for?

A new starter pack will remain active for a period of 120 days if you do not recharge. Upon any recharge the number will be active for a period of 120 days starting from the date of recharge. To avoid your number being deleted from our system, make sure that there is atleast one chargable transaction every 120 days.

Can I change my number from Postpaid to Prepaid and vice versa?

You can change your number from Postpaid to Prepaid and vice versa. If you want to change from Postpaid to Prepaid you will be requested to ensure that you're current and any other outstanding bills are settled. In order to change from Prepaid to Postpaid a customer must follow standard procedures outlined

How does the TNM usage bonus work?

Usage bonus is given to TNM prepaid customers for using a minimum of K 2000 worth of airtime each month for three concecutive months. For their usage, they will get 10% bonus on the average of the three month usage. The more the usage, the more the bonus. This is given on the 15th of every month. To know more about usage bonus, call our Information Centre on 105.

How do I make an international call and what are the country codes for various countries

Dialing any number outside Malawi, start with 00 or + then the area code then the country's code then the number eg Malawi +265 88 880 0900. To view country codes for various countries click here

How do I check my balance?

If you have a prepaid line all you have to do is dial #123# and you will receive a report stating the balance of your account. If you have a postpaid account you can call our Information Centre on 900 and our agents will kindly assist you.


  • Dial #123# then call.
  • An instant message will be delivered to your phone indicating your balance and validity.
  • You can also check your balance on Prepaid by dialing 103. A voice response will provide your balance and validity.

Prepaid recharge

Simply dial *111*recharge pin# Ok or dial 100 and follow the instructions.

For the third party recharge dial *112*number*recharge pin# Press Ok

Upon recharge a text message will be sent to your phone to indicate how much is your available balance and access period.


Dial *113*pin number*airtime block*receiver's number# then choose reply/ answer, type 1 to confirm then send

Please call Back

Dial *707*recipient's number# then press ok.

On-screen Self Service Menu.

Need help to access TNM products and services faster and easier? Just Dial: *100#


Dial 0800900997 then press Ok. This number connects you to Police service