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What is TNM Yofewa?

This is TNM’s pricing scheme that gives customers a comfortable choice to call for one fixed tariff set by TNM over a period of their liking. Customers can opt in and out of this service at will. Currently, TNM prepaid service has two rate plans. The standard rate plan; TNM Yaboo which is the default tariff plan at the point of connection and TNM Yanga which is an optional rate plan, which customers can migrate to and exit anytime they wish. These two rate plans vary based on particularly set whys and wherefores such as peak and off peak for the standard tariff and Yanga is priced based on the network traffic patterns and time.

How different is Yofewa?

TNM Yofewa scheme is way different from the other plans as it will offer customers a flat rate on calls, SMSs and data hence the brand; Yofewa, which comes with comfort and ease of worries. Customers on this rate plan will not be affected by time of call and traffic of calls on the network. Customers on Yofewa will call, SMS and browse for less without being affected by standard tariff and Yanga fluctuations.

Yofewa is a lifestyle plan and suits a class of people that do not want unplanned changes in their lives. Are you such a person? The following type of people will also find Yofewa the best tariff plan ever:

  • Individuals that make a lot of calls and wish to track constant expenditure
  • Individuals and institutions that make calls at any time of day or night
  • Individuals & institutions that have friends and family both on TNM and other local networks
  • Individuals that enjoy variety
  • Flexible and fun people as Yofewa is about trend and goes against the traditional rates
  • Everyone on TNM Prepaid
  • Adventurous customers; maybe its high a time to try a new fantastic tariff plan? Choose Yofewa.

Who Qualifies for the Service?

The flat tariff plan will be available to all prepaid customers.

  • Subscription is 100% free.
  • Probably most economical and affordable rate for calling other local networks.
  • Customers can opt in and out of the service as much as they want
  • Customers can migrate from Yofewa to Yanga by dialing *150*1# and when they want to deregister on Yanga by dialing *150*9#, they will go back to their original Tariff plan (Yofewa).
  • Yofewa rates will be applicable to TNM and to all local networks.
  • All local calls will be billed per second.
  • All International calls will be billed per second at the standard IDD rate.
  • Family and friends will not be applicable on this rate plan
  • The flat tariff will apply when calling any number, whether the number is registered on the rate plan or not.
  • Muyaya discounts for the various levels will apply on the flat base tariff i.e. calls can go even cheaper based on customer Muyaya levels.
  • Customers on this rate plan will also qualify for usage bonus as long as they meet the requirements.

Subscription Method
  • Simply dial *365# and follow instructions Or…
  • Visit the menu option on the *100# platform where you can also access the service

If the customer subscription is successful, the following message should be displayed to the customer; “Congratulations. You have successfully registered to the Flat Rate Tariff Plan.”

Yofewa Type Rate
TNM to TNM MK 70.00 / Min
TNM to Local Networks MK 70.00 / Min
TNM - TNM (SMS Rate) MK 15.00
TNM - Local Netowrks (SMS Rate) MK 15.00
TNM to International Standard IDD Rates
What is TNM Usage Bonus?

TNM Usage Bonus is a scheme of rewarding customers based on their usage behaviour. In this regard, customers using their wallet on voice calls receive usage bonus in minutes and customers using their wallet on data receive bonus in data volumes. Bonuses are rewarded in real time and customers can receive both voice bonus and data bonus simultaneously. In order to qualify customers are required to use a minimum of MK 1,000 either on voice calls or data subscriptions. Therefore, every MK 1,000 usage on voice calls grants 5 bonus minutes instantly and every MK 1,000 usage on data subscriptions grants 50MBs bonus instantly as well. Customers can qualify for additional voice or data bonus up to a maximum of MK20, 000 usage in a month. Therefore, customers can only receive voice or data bonus 20 times in a month. Voice bonuses are valid for 48hours and data bonuses are valid for 24 hours. The Usage Bonus scheme allows both new and old pre-paid customers to qualify.

Users will first deplete their bonus minutes or bonus data before they use the main account balance.

My Area. My Tariff.

Get to Know TNM Yanga

TNM Yanga is a service that through subscription, customers enjoy dynamic pricing for their voice calls as opposed to the standard rates for calling on the TNM network. As such, a customer always wins because each percentage discount is a save and it’s personal. The service offers a sweet deal of affordability targeted for customers that demand extra value and savings in their TNM to TNM voice calls. Yanga offers great value through its dynamic tariffing system. With better savings, you will definitely Talk More for less.

The very incredible factor for TNM Yanga is that you can call for as low as K1.03 per minute. Who beats that? Who said one size fits all? Yanga works the absolute contrary, more personalized and even fun with a display of your discount smiling your way at time of call.

With this service, being somewhere means more than just a place of work, school or where you simply hang out with friends for a good time. It means getting personalized tariffs anytime on the go! Discounts as crazy high as 99%.

Yanga discounts are for TNM-TNM calls only and it applies on top of your applicable Muyaya loyalty discount.

Quick facts:
  • Usage bonus can be used at discounted Yanga rates.
  • There are no migration charges when opting in or out of Yanga
  • Service applies to prepaid numbers only
  • Service is for everyone on TNM

What determines pricing on TNM Yanga?
  • Network traffic pattern at different times of the day
  • Time of call

How to Subscribe
  • Dial *150*1#
  • After subscription, ensure the following:
    • In order to optimize the service, customers must activate the cell broadcast facility on their mobile phones. Dial *150*4# for instructions on how to set up cell broadcast on your phone. The feature allows customers to see the discount applicable at a particular time. This helps the customer to decide whether to make a call at that discount rate or not.
    • In most handsets, the cell broadcast facility activation is found at message settings where it simply has to be activated.
    • For any problems with cell broadcast activations, visit any TNM shop or simply call 105 for more instructions.

How to Unsubscribe

Dial *150*9#

How to check discounts

Dial *150*0#

Level % Discount Discount Amount Discount Rate
Standard - - MK 1.72 / Sec MK 103.00 / Min
1 20% MK 0.34 / Sec MK 1.37 / Sec MK 82.40 / Min
2 30% MK 0.52 / Sec MK 1.20 / Sec MK 72.10 / Min
3 40% MK 0.69 / Sec MK 1.03 / Sec MK 61.80 / Min
4 50% MK 0.86 / Sec MK 0.86 / Sec MK 51.50 / Min
5 60% MK 1.03 / Sec MK 0.69 / Sec MK 41.20 / Min
6 70% MK 1.20 / Sec MK 0.52 / Sec MK 30.90 / Min
7 80% MK 1.37 / Sec MK 0.34 / Sec MK 20.60 / Min
8 90% MK 1.55 / Sec MK 0.17 / Sec MK 10.30 / Min
9 91% MK 1.56 / Sec MK 0.15 / Sec MK 9.27 / Min
10 92% MK 1.58 / Sec MK 0.14 / Sec MK 8.24 / Min
11 93% MK 1.60 / Sec MK 0.12 / Sec MK 7.21 / Min
12 94% MK 1.61 / Sec MK 0.10 / Sec MK 6.18 / Min
13 95% MK 1.63 / Sec MK 0.09 / Sec MK 5.15 / Min
14 96% MK 1.65 / Sec MK 0.07 / Sec MK 4.12 / Min
15 97% MK 1.67 / Sec MK 0.05 / Sec MK 3.09 / Min
16 98% MK 1.68 / Sec MK 0.03 / Sec MK 2.06 / Min
17 99% MK 1.70 / Sec MK 0.02 / Sec MK 1.03 / Min