Our Enterprise Solutions

Transforming your Business into Digital Space

TNM is committed to remain a leading provider of premium ICT services in Malawi. TNM has taken a step to introduce services critical in the digital transformation and inclusion of Malawi in the local, regional and global economies. Businesses are continually looking for operational efficiency at every level of their organizations to improve productivity and the bottom line. To achieve such level of efficiency there is need for reliable and cost effective solutions.

As businesses are evolving towards digital, TNM, through its Entrerprise Services is the partner of choice to enable your business successfully transform into digital companies.

Enriched Communication/Meet from Anywhere

If you haven’t got the word lately, just wait. Video “conferencing” is becoming the most in-demand business application of the new information age.

A video conference is a live connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication, usually involving audio and often text as well as video. Video conference services provide the ability to meet and to work with others over a distance

Why use video conferencing?

Reduced travel expenses: eliminating a big percentage of travel fare, hotels and per diem expenses can directly impact the bottom line.

Enhanced productivity and reduced time-to-market: being able to meet spontaneously face-to-face not only allows people at different locations to enable prompt decision making, improved efficiency, improved teamwork, communication but also employee morale

The need for “always on” connectivity to business information and applications through mobile technologies has become vital to every Malawian business and TNM’s Mobile WAN addresses this need.

TNM Mobile WAN provides essentially virtual private network (VPN) connectivity through TNM’s extensive mobile broadband network coverage to your organization’s local area network (LAN).

When one is away from their workstation, real time communication still needs to take place.

What value does Mobile Wan offer?

  • An easy way to connect your mobile workforce
  • Connection to remote machinery such as ATM machines, POS machines, vehicles and remote field machinery
  • Easy access to corporate documents and applications everywhere you go
  • Increased productivity for mobile workforce

TNM’s Business Messaging Service enables you to send text messages from a computer, server, website and application to a large number of recipients at once.

SMS’s are sent through a variety of readymade software or application interfaces to an SMS gateway, which will transmit them to mobile devices of the target market.

The TNM BMS portal provides you with a secure, simple, dependable web-based messaging platform for BMS delivery

The sender gets delivery reports for sent messages.

Benefits of bulk messaging

  • Delivery to the right audience
  • Cost effective
  • Speed and Flexible
  • Personalization
  • Location Specifics

TNM’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) service is tailor-made to meet your business’ need for a cost-effective and reliable solution for your ATM, POS terminals and connectivity of your vital systems. This is a low bandwidth, reliable, and secure solution that will always keep your customers connected to you through the use of Access Point Name (APNs).

APN is a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G/LTE mobile network and another computer network. The access point gateway can either be accessed through public internet or with private internet (IP).

TNM is providing the M2M solution for clients to access Point of sale, car tracking and monitoring, security and ATM services.

Benefits of TNM M2M solutions

  • Device specific IP addressability.
  • Simple SIM based network management and control
  • VPN capability to replace leased and fixed line systems
  • Peer to Peer (P2P), two way connectivity
  • Faster and easier development, operation and maintenance of M2M solutions
  • Authentication mechanisms
  • Same infrastructure for multiple applications and customers
  • Convenient integration to many different back-end systems

Broadband Connect Wireless is TNM’s 4G-LTE Speed Based Internet provides high-speed Internet access from 128Kbps up to 40Mbps offering both business-grade and high-speed broadband connectivity without the need for copper cables.

Our speed based packages enable you to purchase bundles that guarantee the selected bundle speed.

Through Broadband Connect Wireless we promise:

  • Reliability-Get reliable, fast broadband Internet access speeds as high as 40Mbps uncapped service plans at fixed rates.
  • Assured connectivity-Connectivity is provided via a dedicated links which are monitored for 24 hours a day making the service quality great and guaranteed.
  • Choice of speeds based on business needs-We have given you flexibility to choose bandwidth speeds that match their business requirement by selecting the most suitable service class and performance level for data, voice and video applications.
Always Stay Connected

The information age has left many businesses and individuals in need of real time connection. The internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

TNM understands its clients’ needs and strives to deliver accordingly. Through our Fixed Broadband Solutions (FBB), we are able to keep your business connected 24/7

Why Choose TNM?

TNM offers better value for your money: With more than one way to deliver, TNM allows your business to choose from a host of possible wireless connections.

Great service support: TNM believes in putting the client first. As such, TNM will always be there to provide after-sales support to its clients, 24/7

Reliable Service: Whether it is Internet or VPN your business requires, TNM will always promise reliable service delivery. With five redundant links, you will not get better uptime anywhere else

Hosted Services
  • Web Hosting: Potential mobile customers keep their phones with them, and they keep them turned on. This means that time-sensitive messages, such as notifications of sales and special events, can reach customers with little or no delay.
  • Mobile Advertising: Mobile advertising costs a fraction of what television and radio ads cost. This means you can reach more people for less money.
  • Email Hosting: TNM’s email hosting services help businesses and professionals to keep their email inbox secure, safe and clean at affordable rates.

Gone are the days when organisations spent bulky money on bulky PBX equipment. In this new era, where operational efficiency is key, TNM is again, always with you! We will support all your office Voice Communication needs at low monthly fees.

Why purchase a PBX which will only give you headaches when installing and will need an upgrade in two years, assuming it survives the stormy weather, when TNM can provide you with a scalable and upgraded virtual PBX through its IMS platform?

Why Use Business Connect?
  • Cost Savings: No initial CAPEX on equipment, only small monthly fees will apply
  • Geographical Flexibility: Work from anywhere in the world. We make flexible working happen.
  • Credibility: SME’s boost credibility by having a professional telephone system
  • Scalability: Seamless expansion as your business grows
  • User Friendliness: Web interface does not require specialized skills to set up or make changes
What is TNM Usage Bonus?

TNM Usage Bonus is a scheme of rewarding customers for their usage and loyalty. The usage bonus is paid to qualifying customers every month based on the average usage of the preceding 3 months. This bonus scheme is only available to prepaid customers only.

To qualify, customers need to use a minimum of K2,000 for 3 consecutive calendar months they get 10% of the average usage for the 3 months paid on the 15th day of the forth calendar month. The bonus value can only be used to make TNM to TNM voice calls and TNM to TNM SMS only. The bonus must be used in the calendar month in which it has been given. The bonus amount will be available for use any time of the day from the time the customer receives it.

Users will first deplete their bonus amount before they use the main account balance when making calls or sending SMS to TNM numbers.

TNM@HOME is a fixed residential home connectivity solution, targeting consumer customers in homes.

The service will be offered to customers on contract basis. As part of the contract, a customer will be given the Outdoor CPE (internet gadget) and SIP Phone bundled with affordable Data plans and SIP calling minutes, all depending on the type of contract signed.

Why use TNM Home Internet

Offers more value for less cost. Home internet offers the following:
  • Free data access for the weekend and every evening from 5 to 6am.
  • Free social packages, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Free access to educational sites.