About TNM

Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) PLC, Company number 4029 was the pioneer mobile network in Malawi and it is listed on the Malawi stock exchange.

TNM is wholly Malawian owned with the following shareholders; Press Corporation Limited 41.31%, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Mw) Limited 24.07%, Magni Holdings Limited 5.01%, NICO Life Insurance Company Limited 4.88%, Livingstone Holdings Ltd 1.87%, Magetsi Pension Fund 1.488%, Unilogy Holdings Limited 1.26%, Investment Alliance Limited, 1.034% among the top ten shareholders

TNM is listed on the Malawi stock exchange and its strength comes from being the first local mobile operator

Coverage & Technology

Geographically TNM network covers over 74% of Malawi. TNM operates a 4.5 generation network enabling advanced broadband multimedia services, in addition to GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G and 3.5G networks. TNM offers a comprehensive range of prepaid and postpaid services; these include voice and data connectivity. TNM has been a pioneer of many services in Malawi and became the first mobile operator in Malawi to launch 4.5G broadband services in Malawi. Services on offer include video calls, video and music streaming and high speed wireless internet access services.


Our mission is to be Malawi's premier mobile company of choice, offering best in class mobile telecommunication services to people everywhere."

Premier means best in terms of:

  • Customer value
  • Customer service
  • Employee talent
  • Consistent and predictable growth
  • As Malawi's Premier mobile company we will enable people and businesses to realise their full potential. In doing so, our mobile services will contribute to the growth and development of the Malawian economy.

TNM Values

  • Integrity

    We believe in honesty, being trustworthy and doing things right in everything we do. We set the highest Ethical and Professional standard at all times. We believe all of our Relationships must be based on Honesty, Respect and Transparency.

  • Humility

    We believe in the strength of humility. We set aside egos and focus on our customer’s challenges and goals. We are considerate and understanding of others’ needs, and we stay grounded and focused on serving our customers.

  • Stewardship

    We believe we are an extension of our customers in being stewards of their brands. As stewards, we also have a deep and abiding sense of duty to the safely and prosperity of our employees and our communities.

  • Optimism

    We see challenges as opportunities. We promote positive energy and spread enthusiasm through our interactions with our customers and all our colleagues. We are solutions oriented and focused on eagerly serving our customers.

  • Working Together

    We believe in working collaboratively and developing and maintaining productive working relationships, based on mutual respect and mutual benefit that achieves extraordinary results. Our core values form the foundation in which we perform work and conduct ourselves. They underline our work, how we interact with our customers, with each other and how we fulfill our purpose. They guide who we are and how we go about our work every day in everything we do.

Dr George Partridge

Chairman - PhD

Appointed to the Board on 9th Dec 2016

Hitesh N Anadkat

Vice Chairman - BSc (Hons), MBA

Appointed to the Board on 5th April 2007

John Bizwick


Appointed to the Board on 28th Sept 2016

John M O'neill


Appointed to the Board on 5th April 2007

Elizabeth Mafeni


Dean Lungu


Appointed to the Board on 24th Sept 2014

Khumbo Phiri


Appointed to the Board on 26th Sept 2017

Gerald Randall


Appointed to the Board on 13th December 2017

Michiel Buitelaar

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Valentine

Chief Technical Officer

Arnold Mbwana

Chief Risk & Audit Officer

Peter Kadzitche

Chief Financial Officer

Phyllis Manguluti

Managing Executive, Customer Services

Vishwajeet Deshmuck

Managing Executive - Enterprise Services

Christina Mwansa

Managing Executive
- Legal & Regulatory

Mpezenji Gonani

Managing Executive
- Human Resource

Peter Munthali

Managing Executive
- Information & Billing Services

TNM launched the TNM 2015 Super League at the Civo Stadium with a game between 2014 Season Champions Big Bullets and Silver Strikers.

The launch of the elite football competition in the country, which now pegged at K90 million, was done under the theme ‘Our Players, Our Heroes, Our Pride’ in order to drive home the message that our players deserve nothing but the best.

In line with this theme, the player is the main reason why TNM decided to increase the sponsorship value from K65 million to K90 million. This is meant to build the spirit of motivating the player who is the hero of our beautiful game.

In addition, in the course of the season, TNM will also engage in various activities that will build on this theme of motivating the player.

TNM rolled out its 2015 golfing season when hosted the 2015 Malawi Open from April 10th to April 12th at the Lilongwe Golf Club.

The Malawi Open is an elite golf tournament organized by the Golf Union of Malawi (GUoM) with sponsorship from TNM. Malawi Open is the largest golf tournament in the country staged around the same time as the US Masters.

TNM has been sponsoring the Malawi Open since 2007, remains committed towards development of the sport which provides a platform for business executives to interact and share notes on a wide range of industry and national interest issues.

The 2015 Open championship provides the mobile network and technology company the platform to interact with stakeholders and showcase affordable mobile technology and seamless connectivity it offers to businesses.

TNM has four-year sponsorship agreement with the Blantyre-based Cricket Academy to the tune of K24 million. TNM's sponsorship of the Cricket Academy goes towards equipment, administration of the academy's offices at St Andrews, coach training and running of training clinics for youth in primary and secondary schools across the country.

Despite cricket being regarded as a minority sport in the country, TNM is committed to taking the game of Cricket in Malawi to a whole new level and this is achievable if young cricket talent is harnessed through tailored cricket initiatives such as those run by the Cricket Academy.

“TNM is very passionate in the potential of our school children achieving their dreams in cricket, and are committed to helping them build a solid foundation in the sport,”