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Learn about TNM Mpamba

Whether you would like to make a transaction, check your balance, or enquire the nearest Mpamba dealer, make sure to familiarize yourself with this must have service if you are a Mpamba Customer!

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Learn More about TNM Investor

Are you a partner or investor with TNM? Then this Web Portal is made specifically for you. Boasting features such as Commision Management, as well as detailed Business Reports, try out our Investor Portal today.

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Enjoy our Web Self Services

Did you know that you can manage your credit and bundles directly on our website? From recharging your loved one's phone, to selecting the perfect data bundle for you, be quick to check out our self-service Portal. .

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Make your TNM life easier with our mobile apps

Manage your balances, top up, share data and buy bundles from your phone

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Our Core Values


We believe in honesty, being trustworthy and doing things right in everything we do. We set the highest Ethical and Professional standard at all times. We believe all of our Relationships must be based on Honesty, Respect and Transparency.


We believe in the strength of humility. We set aside egos and focus on our customer’s challenges and goals. We are considerate and understanding of others’ needs, and we stay grounded and focused on serving our customers.


We believe we are an extension of our customers in being stewards of their brands. As stewards, we also have a deep and abiding sense of duty to the safely and prosperity of our employees and our communities.


We see challenges as opportunities. We promote positive energy and spread enthusiasm through our interactions with our customers and all our colleagues. We are solutions oriented and focused on eagerly serving our customers.

Working Together

We believe in working collaboratively and developing and maintaining productive working relationships, based on mutual respect and mutual benefit that achieves extraordinary results. Our core values form the foundation in which we perform work and conduct ourselves. They underline our work, how we interact with our customers, with each other and how we fulfill our purpose. They guide who we are and how we go about our work every day in everything we do.